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Children’s Tooth Extractions in Commerce City, CO

Why do Children Need Tooth Extractions?

Most baby teeth come out on their own within a typical time frame; but occasionally, some baby teeth decide they want to stick around a little longer.

Unfortunately, this can cause problems. If adult teeth start coming in when baby teeth are still in place, crowding occurs and developmental issues can ensue.

To avoid these problems it may be necessary to consider a tooth extraction for your child.

Extractions may also be considered when teeth are badly decayed or damaged, While it may sound scary, tooth extractions are not as barbaric as they once were.

At Reunion Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Tippets and his time take great pride in making our patient’s experience as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible. 

Getting a tooth pulled may understandably cause some anxiety for both parent and child; but in most cases, the extraction is straightforward and is often less complicated than a tooth extraction in adults.

At Reunion Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Tippets will start with an X-ray to examine the tooth’s roots and bone condition.

Once the area is numb or the patient is sedated, Dr. Tippets will remove the problem tooth with forceps by gently rocking the tooth in the socket and rotating it to separate the tissue and ligaments that attach the tooth to the jawbone.

While most extractions are simple and only require local anesthesia, you and your child’s comfort are important. Sedation dentistry may be discussed as an option, depending on the situation.

Sedation dentistry is a safe and commonly used option for children undergoing complex dental procedures such as extractions. (See our section on sedation dentistry for children.)

In the event that a baby tooth has to be pulled before the permanent teeth are due to come in because of damage or decay, Dr. Tippets may recommend a prosthetic tooth to hold the “space” and make sure the new tooth comes in correctly.

However, if the permanent tooth will be coming in soon, a prosthetic tooth won’t be needed.

Here at Reunion Pediatric Dentistry, we want you to know that tooth extractions in children are not uncommon and are generally very simple and straightforward.

Having a pediatric dentist like Dr. Tippets in charge of the procedure gives many parents peace of mind because pediatric dentists receive additional training in oral development compared to general dentists. 

Pediatric dentists like Dr. Tippets are also focused on the health and development of your child’s teeth.

Dr. Tippets and his team at Reunion Pediatric Dentistry are committed to keeping your child’s mouth healthy and helping those adult teeth arrive in the right place, ideally at the right time. 

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