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Children's Dental Emergencies and Same Day Care

No one wants to face a dental emergency with their child; but unfortunately, things do happen. At Reunion Pediatric Dentistry, we are here to help.

If your child has an urgent dental need please contact us as soon as possible!

For Kids Emergency Dentistry, Trust Our Experts

Management of Dental Pain

If rushing to our pediatric dental office in Reunion, CO right away is not an option, there are some things that can help during dental emergencies.

Some common dental emergencies with tips on how you can care for your child before getting to the dentist include: 

  • Toothache

    • Clean the area of the affected tooth thoroughly. 
    • Flush the area with warm water or use dental floss to dislodge any impacted food or debris. 
    • DO NOT place aspirin on the gum or on the aching tooth. 
    • Place an ice pack wrapped in a towel to the outside of the mouth to help with pain and swelling. 
  • Cut or Bite to the Tongue, Lip or Cheek

    • If the cut is still bleeding, apply firm but gentle pressure with a damp gauze or cloth. 
    • If bleeding lasts > 15 minutes, please call our office or go to the emergency room. 
    • If the bleeding does stop, gently rinse the area with cold water and avoid solid foods until you can be seen and advised further by Dr. Tippets or other medical/dental professional. 
  • Knocked-Out Tooth

    • If a baby tooth is knocked out, it is less concerning because the space will eventually be filled with a permanent tooth. 
    • If  the knocked out tooth was a permanent one, whenever possible, find the tooth. Hold the tooth by the crown (the top, thicker part) and do not clean or remove any tissue from the root. 
    • You may gently rinse off the tooth if it fell on the floor or ground but DO NOT excessively clean or handle the tooth unnecessarily. 
    • Inspect the tooth for fractures. If it is intact, you may try to reinsert it in the socket after you have rinsed it off. 
    • Hold the tooth in place by biting on gauze, a clean cloth, or tissue. 
    • If you cannot reinsert the tooth and keep it in place, transport the tooth in a cup containing your child’s saliva or milk. 
    • Contact our Reunion, CO pediatric dental office IMMEDIATELY! Time is a critical factor in saving a knocked-out permanent tooth.

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